RnD Foundation


RnD Foundation is an independent not for profit charity in the United Kingdom.

RnD Foundation is established to undertake socio-economic interventions of youth and community members that reduce vulnerability to poverty, crime, disenfranchisement, disparity, and illiteracy, to contribute to creation of social systems that promote advancement, awareness, advocacy, research modeled framework towards youth enhancement and empowerment, including the promotion and protection of creative arts being used as a catalyst for change.

By promoting creative arts to youth and disadvantaged youth of United Kingdom who face socio- economic adversities we offer them hope by engaging them in the creative arts as an outlet from the perils that they might face in their day-to-day lives.

Our portfolio of work is based on community service that advocates, promotes and brings awareness of creative arts as a tool of motivation and obligation towards building the ability of individuals and communities to draw on a range of assets to effect change by themselves, particularly in inner cities, rural and urban areas where livelihoods are dependent upon survival by any means necessary.